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It is the demonstration of update instruction.

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Section #1   This marvelous HTML page shows the basic TDI functions

We begin with this introductory paragraph, which is never touched by AJAX updates. So it stays at the beginning of the page as if no TDI was used. You may play with the rest of this page to try some of the almighty TDI features.

Please note that this is just a demo with static XML files instead of dynamic server responses. Web pages are not typically done like this in real life. Instead, the server should use logic and templates to generate the appropriate XML response.

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The following links will cause the above list to show a different set of items. Filtering is performed by a JavaScript function, which is not included until used for the first time.

This is the demonstration of the script instruction.

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List of features

Each feature has a "like" link that adds it to the right-hand sidebar. It behaves almost like an e-shop shopping cart. However, please note that this is a simple static example only. No logic is implemented at all. Therefore you may easily cause non-elegant things to happen, such as duplicate items etc.

This is the demonstration of the insert instruction.

Number of items currently shown: 5

Clear all selected features, I do not like them anymore.

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